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To have peace, prepare for war.

Our instructors, Chad Vaźquez, Logan Lo, Steve Pak and Mike Robinson, met when they were all white belts at the same Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) academy. After Chad gained his black belt, Mike and Steve were both promoted to purple belt, and Logan to blue belt, under Chad.

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We are all students that never stopped learning and understand what it takes to get to that next level of training! We are Fighting Nerds who are dedicated to not only teaching our students the fundamentals but also the what and why behind them.

Our curriculum-based BJJ and Martial Arts classes are designed for students of all ability levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Come as you are, no matter what level you are, and our instructors will take care of you and help you reach your goals. We promise you will love training BJJ with the team at Paxibellum!

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